Glee Club


Recently, Stephanie developed the Glee Music Program, the focus of which is building confidence and strengthening communication skills in children through the fun of singing. The classes provide children with important tools such as working in a team environment, listening and collaborating with others.  The ultimate goal of the program is to enrich the daily lives of children through music.

Each class begins with dance and acting warm-up exercises. The exercises may be conducted in a game format.  However, these games require a high level of concentration to focus each student’s attention before rehearsing the more structured vocal performance. After the initial warm-up activities, the vocal aspect of the Program is the focus of the balance of the class period.  This begins with vocal warm-ups. Vocal warm-up is important to get the students prepared for the musical portion of the Glee Club.

Every class then consists of the rehearsal of different pop music selections.  The song and arrangement selections vary as to level of difficulty depending on the age and experience level of the group. Each Program session culminates in a final performance for the students to share their work with family and friends.

Glee Club

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