Blog #32 – Courage

Blog #32 – Courage

photo: Ivan Conrad

Having courage to change careers is something that takes guts. After reading Brenè Brown’s Braving the Wilderness, I did some deep thought on this subject. It’s taken me a while to shift my perspective of feeling that I failed at something or failed at achieving something because the real failure would be continuing on a career path that did not bring me joy anymore. It’s hard seeing friends who are leaps and bounds ahead of me in their careers and here I am starting from the beginning. I still battle with the thought of failure and courage. It’s interesting how the two words have such different meanings but we must have the courage to fail and fail if we don’t have courage to try.

I finally graduated from my certification program and it’s been interesting to return back to school 10 years later. When I last left school, my only life experience was mainly school. Now returning after working professionally (although I’ve always worked in some capacity since I was 15), I have a whole different perspective on it. As most of you know, I have worked in education alongside performing, teaching elementary school, middle school and college level. Each was a different experience but they taught me how involved being a teacher is and how you constantly need to adjust and accommodate to different learning levels and evolving times. It’s exhausting! — but the most rewarding and wouldn’t take back any of it. I applaud lifelong teachers who don’t nearly get paid or recognized as much as they should.

What’s been eye-opening in my college experience this time around is how disappointing the teachers were. Were they always like that and I just didn’t know any better? Out of my three (3) professors — I took one twice! — only the one I just mentioned was knowledgeable and actively working in the field. Also, I realized how outdated many courses were and the teachers obviously recycle the same course work over and over again.  I can’t tell you how many platforms mentioned the outdated and non-existent Google+! I guess I should be grateful we didn’t discuss Myspace! Lol. This did however teach me a lesson: I need to be responsible for my own education and getting the information that is needed. I honestly wish I knew this information when I first went to school, probably would have saved a lot of the emotional stress I endured but that’s a blog for another time.

This time around I learned to challenge myself and get certified in many platforms around my coursework to prepare myself more for my next job opportunity. I’ve reached out to many contacts for guidance on how to make the most of my time. Now here comes the real challenge — finding a job and someone who will take a risk in hiring me. While I am new to this field, I come with experience people couldn’t buy or teach in school.

When was the last time you did something that takes courage?

– Steph