Blog #31 – Life Continues On…

Blog #31 – Life Continues On…

photo: Ivan Conrad

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog update and I am sorry for that. This whole past year has been a lot to process with the world quickly evolving from COVID-19 and the effects of that around us every day. It’s been a year with mixed emotions and learning how to process and move on while keeping my head above water.

As is obvious, the performing world has been put on pause for a bit and so excited to see it slowly coming back. I have felt fortunate enough to host two (2) virtual recitals (I am in the process of creating the 3rd). I was honored to be asked to perform with Opera Southwest on their virtual New Years Eve Gala (La Traviata is still scheduled to go on in October!) and I have been so incredibly lucky and grateful to all my students who have continued lessons with me throughout this year. It’s been one of true growth and continued learning. I am truly so grateful to have you all by my side during these times.

Speaking of learning, I decided to go back to school virtually at Miami Dade College last August to receive a Digital Marketing Strategy Certification, which will be completed at the end of this month. It’s funny how life goes in circles and brought me back to where my college days began. It’s been challenging juggling 18 credits in two semesters while working but here I am towards the end (thanks to many meals prepared by my loving husband Ivan). I have loved the process of learning new skills and am ready to apply them while I start a journey in a new career path. For a while now, I have been wanting a new challenge from teaching and when I figured out where to apply my skills, digital marketing called my name. I love creating, analyzing and constantly learning the ever changing digital platforms and the human psychology that goes along with it.

Through this process, I discovered how much I love learning. If we don’t continue to grow then we are stunted in life. It’s funny that all last year I was sad that I didn’t find my pandemic hobby or passion but little did I know learning would be it! Even after I complete my Digital Marketing Strategy Certification, I plan on continually educating myself and learning new things. Maybe that is the teacher in me? Taking a Spanish course this summer already 😉

For those who are wondering about my performance career, I am still planning on performing just as always. I’m in the process of planning my next virtual recital in June and hoping to have a few more announcements soon. Taking on a new career path has also reinvigorated my love for performing. Going back to my roots at Miami Dade College made me realize how much I miss creating my own performing opportunities, where it all began. I also promise to get better at writing more blogs and keeping you up to date on my new journey.

Would love to hear from you, so please reach out and say ‘Hello’.

– Steph