Blog #29 – Power Of Music

Blog #29 – Power Of Music

photo: Ivan Conrad

It’s funny how life throws curveballs at you that you couldn’t even imagine if you’ve tried. That’s pretty much how I have been feeling ever since COVID-19 happened. If you would have told me back in January that I would be living in Florida for an undetermined amount of time, I would have said, ‘No Way’! I left NYC on March 1st for a contract to perform La Traviata in New Mexico, along with a suitcase full of winter clothes expecting a return on March 30th. Our opera is currently postponed until October. Very thankful to Opera Southwest with how they’ve handled everything. I am living my newlywed life with my family in Florida with just winter clothes. (Florida is currently 90 degrees!)

So how have we been handling it?

I first want to mention how fortunate Ivan and I are to have family in both New Mexico and Florida who have housed us during this time. We are truly grateful and appreciative. Saying that, this whole situation has taught us to cherish what we have because it can be taken away from us at any moment. It’s also funny how in my last blog, I mentioned how I wanted to teach less and now I am relying on teaching and music more than ever. I guess the joke is on me but the funniest part is that I am loving in figuring out new ways to connect to my students during these times. This has been creatively thinking of new ways to engage my students in our online lessons. Ivan and I also started a Zoom Sing-A-Along classes two (2) times a week that brought me back to my preschool music teaching days that reminded me how much I enjoyed teaching this age group. I think I forgot how powerful music can be and how much healing it brings not only to myself but to everyone.

I am not saying every day is easy because I have to remind myself daily that this is only temporary and we will get back to our “normal” lives eventually. I have moments like everyone where I get down and need to motivate myself to be productive. I’ve been jokingly timing out when it’s acceptable for me to eat again. Any suggestions? Asking for a friend. Lol.

The best part of the quarantine, though, is connecting with all my friends. I reach out to them to not only check on them but to help check on myself and remind myself that I am not alone. We are all sharing the same struggles, fears and anxiety. The one positive thing to come from this: is the connection we all share in going through these turbulent times. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, we are all going through this together.

As for myself, I have been making a list of things I have been wanting to accomplish and researching how to go about it. It’s been a pretty reflective time as now I have all the time in the world to make it happen. I’ve also been watching a ton of Turner Classic Movies, so that has been a treat since I rarely watch movies.

Please continue to keep safe, inside and sane. I can’t wait to see you all in person and grab a coffee or a martini when this is all over with.

– Steph