Blog #28 – 2020 – Decade Of Hope

Blog #28 – 2020 – Decade Of Hope

As I start the new decade, I can’t help but reflect on how much my life has changed. When you’re young, you always dream of how life will be when you’re grown up but in reality, my life is nothing as I imagined it would be. As I reflect from where I started the last decade, it was a full-circle moment watching my dreams realized.

In 2010, I was in my Masters program pursing a degree in performance and I finished 2019 performing on a professional stage. It was really a humbling moment.

I apologize my blogs have been so sporadic lately. It has been difficult for me to blog lately as I have been asking myself a lot about what I am looking for in the next decade of life? Reevaluating dreams and figuring out what is next for me.

As I reflect, I have also been trying to acknowledge my accomplishments. I do recognize that I support myself off music and marrying the man I always dreamed of. I am living a life I could of never imaged for myself in New York. Yet, I find myself questioning myself more than ever.

As an artist, there is a lot of instability. You can have a year with tons of contracts and then, a year with barely anything. I admire my friends and fellow performers who are killing it performing. This year auditioning, there was truly not a room that I didn’t walk into and not hear so much talent coming out. It was truly astonishing the amount of talent out there and honored to always be considered among them. Most of my contracts lately come from a rehire from a prior gig or a friend has referred me. One thing for me is clear: I will always perform, it is a part of who I am.

What I have been questioning lately is teaching. While teaching has been great, it has been leaving me very unfulfilled lately. With all that said, I am brainstorming a lot of different ideas. It took me two (2) years in New York to build my studio but there is something missing. I know no one loves every aspect of their job, but I am ready to try something new. I am still on the path to discovering what that something is but will keep you updated as soon as I figure that part out.

So what’s next in 2020? Who knows! But I am excited for the next adventures this decade will bring.

I would love to hear any ideas from you whether it is about your experiences with career change of anything you would love for me to blog about. Feel free to reach out even if it’s just to say ‘Hello‘.

Wishing you all a Happy 2020! May this new decade bring hope and light to the next 10 years!

– Steph