Blog #26 – City Where Dreams Are Made Of

Blog #26 – City Where Dreams Are Made Of

It’s officially been one year since I’ve moved to NYC. To say it’s been difficult is an understatement, but it has taught me more about myself than I ever knew possible. Moving was one of the easiest/hardiest decisions I’ve ever made. I had a great life in Miami filled with great family, friends and jobs. To give that up was a tough decision. I would really be starting over, but living with the question “what if” was a question that I couldn’t and wouldn’t settle for. I would be starting from ground zero, and that was the scariest part. I was, however, fortunate to have friends and a significant other who helped as much as they could with transition.

I started living the true New York hustle and working as much as I could. Bare with me as I lay it all out. This part might not be ideal to read, but between teaching, auditioning, taking lessons and working catering jobs, I was burning out and finding myself depressed. I also did not love my housing situation as I wasn’t friends with my roommates, and the situation wasn’t ideal for me. As a Florida girl, winter was a new experience and preparing for that was both financially and mentally draining.  I missed home and was wondering what I was doing. I really gave up my South Florida life for this? To know me is to know that even when down, I really try to never give up. Sometimes it felt like I was drowning, but I am so fortunate to those around me who lifted my head above water.

Here I am now entering into my second year and can officially say I survived my first winter! I had some great summer contracts and ready to hit my restart to New York button. Starting off, I left my roommates in Brooklyn and moved to the borough of Queens with my significant mate. I also accepted teaching positions at two music schools teaching private lessons, and I am really excited to get back into teaching. I’ve also started creating my own opportunities again, and working on collaborations with some friends.  I am also entering a new audition season, waiting to see what will be in store for me, and figuring out what is “my path”. I set a goal of letting go of things I cannot control, but also hustling to create that path.

I am writing this because the question I am asked the most is “how do you like living in New York?” Was it hard? Of course. Would I change my decision? Never. I wouldn’t be the person I am if it’s not for the choices I have made – so here is to my second year in New York! 🙂

– Steph