Blog #23 – The Unexpected Road

Blog #23 – The Unexpected Road

Life has a way of constantly changing paths. This year for me has been no exception. It has been year of many changes, some for the good and some not so much.

It was the year I finally decided to make a move that would benefit my future. The year I decided to trust in the universe. One of the scariest leaps of faith I’ve ever taken.

With change comes fear, but without fear, we cannot grow.

It’s been difficult to write a new blog as my head has been filled with so many doubts, I was unsure where to begin but with a new year comes a new beginning.

When I made the decision to move to NYC, I knew it would not be an easy transition. I knew I would be starting over in a city with many more performers than in Miami.  However, knowing and living it are two different things. It set me back in a mindset of uncertainty. I’m also working with a new team of people who I am trusting with my voice and that is scary. I have worked hard for my talent and giving new people trust fills me with doubt.

This career I chose is also starting to fill my head with doubts. As I get older, the dream is beginning to fade. I’ve starting thinking of new dreams. I am watching my friends begin to form their own path and wondering, “What is mine?” What I do know is, when I sing, I still feel that magic. The euphoric rush when you sing and releases all that doubt you ever had.

I feel yet again lucky that I have the greatest family and friends who have constantly supported me during this transition.  I am never one to sit back and let myself fall into a spiral but I was beginning to allow myself to do so. This is where I knew I needed a change. So what’s next? I’ve been taking step towards that change. I know it will take a lot of hard work especially being in New York but I am embracing it and seeing where the road shall lead me.

I am opening the door in 2018 to new ideas and projects. Letting my art take over in whichever direction that may lead.  I would love to collaborate with new projects, meet new friends, discover new ideas, and evolve to the next level.  Make the steps to become the person I always wanted to be.

“Hit the reset button. Whatever happened yesterday, forget about it. Get a new perspective. Today is a new day. Fresh start, begins now.” 
― Germany Kent

– Steph