Blog #22 – NYC Adventure

Blog #22 – NYC Adventure

Welcome to start of the next chapter of Stephanie’s NYC life.  My journey here is a similar tale of all who move here. Coming from a summer of isolation didn’t help either. These past 3 months felt like I blacked out and now it’s Fall. It was stressful, exhausting but taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of. Fast forward  to end of August, I was left without housing, no job and the scariest, entering into the unknown. I am ever so grateful for the love and support I got from friends that housed me. Not to mention my NYC guardian angel. I would not have survived this last month without you.

Now in October, after a few interviews, I am now employed, have an amazing apartment, and slowly getting the hang of New York life.

As for the music, the main reason for the move, a new audition season is among us and not going to lie, that gives me major anxiety and questioning my every decision.  The calm in the middle of  all of this is when I am at the piano practicing. Nothing makes me happier and brings me more peace than when it’s just me and the music. Not listening to the opinions of out voices but letting my voice just sing.

My goal for this season: Accepting I am not perfect but not letting the outside voices determine who I am as a performer.

What I personally feel is missing from the art form is the connection from the music to the singer. We as society as so obsessed with perfection. We forget about just the voice and listen to all the outside noise. I feel that is why so many audiences are struggling to feel a connection. What I can do, be proactive about my own self improvement. Be the artist I am and accept I am not perfect.

Here’s to this new journey, with I am sure many bumps on the road but can’t wait to take on the new chapters.

On that note, I would love to hear what are your most hilarious moving stories?!?

– Stephanie