Blog #21 – 29th & Maine

Blog #21 – 29th & Maine

It has taken me a while to think about what to write in this blog. It is the last blog of my twenties, a decade filled with so much, it’s hard to write exactly what I am feeling but here goes nothing…

When I turned 20, I expected my life to turn out a different way. I was still in my undergrad and the world was my oyster. Last year on my 29th birthday, I cried. It was a realization of how hard my twenties has turned out to be. No one explains to you all the ups and downs, the growing pains, the heartbreaks, and how hard life actually is. To sum it up, being in your twenties is rough.


As a performer, I expected my career to be in a different place than it is right now. While I am very fortunate to be in a great place and doing what I love, I still didn’t expect to be here. In both undergrad and grad school, we are groomed and told to go on a certain opera career path but as times keep changing, so is that path. It’s taken me a while to realize not everyone is meant for that path. We all pick our own adventure and where that destination is? No one knows. It’s a scary and exciting place to be in.

As for discovering myself in my twenties, this has been the hardest of them all. It is really a time when you find yourself, who your true friends are, and really find out what you are made out of. I’ve had to learn how to be stronger than I’ve ever been even when I thought I had nothing left.

I am still a work in progress but I can say I am in a great place. Going back to my last birthday, I made a decision that I had to make a change in my life and start this new chapter in a new place and really be where all the action is. So after this summer, I am moving to NYC. This is one of the scariest moves for me, as I have been a Miami girl all of my life but its now or never.

As for my current situation, I am spending the summer in beautiful Maine, working hard and performing at a resort. While its not where I expected to be, as I said before, I am making money doing what I love and making some new friends in the process. I get an opportunity to perform 4 nights a week, learn a ton of new music, save for my new chapter and challenge myself to always be better and work harder.

I can say with full confidence, I am so excited for the next decade of my life to come. People do say, you have more fun in your thirties. I am nervous but ready for the next chapter to bring a whole new adventure of the unknown. So here is to my thirties, the best is yet to come!

To be continued…

– Stephanie