Blog #20 – A Few Of My Favorite Things

Blog #20 – A Few Of My Favorite Things

As I am beginning to prepare for my next contact, I started thinking of the list of things I will need to pack with me on my travels. Something to know about me:

I am the worst packer.

I know there are list and guides available as to what someone should pack for a trip, but somehow, I always forget something.  Even more so as a performer, I feel that there are essentials that we need to pack as well. Things to make sure we are as comfortable as can be on a contract but to also make sure we are looking as diva fabulous as possible. This has inspired me to talk about a few of my favorite things and as I call “my travel essentials”.

Let’s start with the basics.  We all know what that is… making sure we have the right amount of undergarments and clothing for each day. Depending on length of travel, this can be tricky. You sometimes need to back clothes that can accommodate different climate and clothes that can be re-worn through the length of travel. My next step is what dresses/ gowns will I need. This all depends on the amount and type of concerts. Then, I start thinking about what accessories and not to mention what shoes to bring. As a woman and performer, one cannot have too many but unfortunately, my suit case allowance says other wise, so, I always think of what is my most interchangeable accessories/ shoes that will be of use to me during an entire trip. While this may sound easy, keep in mind, there is bag weight to think about.

The next on my list is usually my toiletries bag. My given is my hair dryer and Iron.

I am going to break down what I usually bring by section in my bag: (I always seems to forget something)

First row: toothbrush, toothpaste, tweezers and razors.

Second row: Hairbrush, hair ties, clips and bobby pins (never enough), hairspray, gel, make up wipes, and my clarisonic  (depending on length of contract)

Third Row: Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash, face wash, face/night moisturizer, nail polish remover and polish.

Lately, I also started packing what I call a “sleep essential bag”. I am not the best sleeper, so I am always looking for ways to get the best sleep possible. This bag lately includes: eye mask, earplugs, and candle, sleep aid and lavender oil. I’ve been thinking about adding a pillowcase. This might sound a little crazy but when your livelihood depends on sleep, this is a must.

Last but not least, my makeup. This includes everyday and stage makeup. While I am not one to wear much makeup everyday, it is imperative that I bring all the proper stage makeup with me.  While I am still mastering the art form of contouring and highlighting, (fellow divas, please feel free to give me some pointers) I make sure I have everything in my stock with me.

Now for the random things I have packed with me on long contracts:  Blenders, Protein powders, water bottles, food I think I wont be able to find, coffee, and picture frames from home.

I am sure while writing this blog, there are many more items I am leaving out that are essential to my packing. As for now, I am going to leave you with this.  As my mother always reminds me “ I am sure wherever you are going they have a store to buy whatever you forget” and my saving grace, Amazon.

Now for my next adventure: What to pack for a move to another state!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

– Steph