Blog #17 – To Improve Is To Change

Blog #17 – To Improve Is To Change

As a musician, the career has many up’s and down’s, which lately got me thinking about everything one does to survive in this game.  As most of you, I read countless amount of blogs, articles and Facebook posts from fellow singers about their own journeys in this career as well as other artistic ventures.  What I always notice is that we are all trying to find a way to survive this crazy world and find fulfillment within ourselves whether through artistic or personal adventures. Where is the mental stability in this?  I have recently been self-doubting a lot of things regarding myself artistically and what path I should be continuing.  Do we ever know if we are on the right path? I know I am not alone in this regardless of what field you are in. I have also been finding myself experiencing range of emotions.  One moment at an artistic high then, feeling at an ultimate artistic low. We let other’s opinion of our voices affect the choices we make. Any of these, can make anyone’s head spin and lead to doubt. My one constant however, is that I do believe in my talent and my voice.

What if life if we aren’t continually growing and becoming the best version of ourselves? I truly hope I can say this as I doing some soul searching and evolving. I am planning some major changes in my life and while I am scared of the outcome, I need to take the leap of faith and trust I am going to down the right path.

Change has been a big theme to me lately. Not only as a person am I changing, but as country we are changing. We are all doing some soul searching to figure out what is the best direction we should be going in. While we may differ on politics, I am hoping and praying we come together in love and kindness. To see what is happening is frightening and scary. It is up to us to make a difference.

While I realize this is blog is filled with a lot of doubt, its also is filled with excitement about the unknown. I have lots of fun new artistic adventures coming my way and ready to take them on.

As thanksgiving just pased, I am ever thankful for all your love, kindness and support.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill

– Steph